Birthday post looking back, looking forward

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Today I turned 36! In itself not a “milestone” birthday. So at 36 I have decided to try blogging! In two months my friend and I (along with thousands of others) will cycle from London to Brighton for The British Heart Foundation in the second night ride. I did the first one last year and loved it.

My expectations have changed one year on. A year ago I was in the final week of preparation as the ride was in May and the weekend before I was at Lords for a test match. However in just seven weeks time I will attempt the ride for the second time, with more than an ambition to complete it. What has changed? I still want to raise money for The British Heart Foundation and you can show your support for me here. Now I’ve completed the course i want to push myself, just to see what I can do. Last year I completed the ride on a mountain bike in 6.5 hours. This included three twenty minutes rest stops and a ten minute rest to take in the view at the top of Devil’s Dyke. Therefore I feel I can easily reduce the time by an hour. Now the bike. I have a new road bike which is lovely and means I can maintain a higher moving speed. In training rides this is comfortably 24 kmph. With a little more focused training this could be increased to 25 kmph, meaning a possible ride in 4 hours! I believe this can be achieved.

Better preparation, with gells etc, will help, plus a better machine will allow me to achieve my new goal, or at least get very close to it. From reading many reviews shoes clipped into the pedals provide a much more efficient use of energy transfer from foot to pedal, so time can be gained here. The training has been better. Longer more frequent rides on a road bike have built my confidence to climb and descend hills at a much quicker pace than last year. Knowing the route and hopefully not taking a wrong turn will help as this cost 10-15 minutes last year too! Well only time will tell if i am successful or not, but please if you feel you can help The BHF and you can give a few pounds please do so via my fundraising page.

Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “Birthday post looking back, looking forward

    Nige said:
    16/05/2013 at 2:03 pm

    4 hours is achievable, go for it, get in a group going at your pace and enjoy it. talkig n to others makes the time go really quickly and when it starts to get tough remember rule no. 5!…

      inthepeloton said:
      16/05/2013 at 2:12 pm

      Cheers Nige for this advice. A man of your cycling experience offers very wise words, especialy Rule #5!

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