Stage 15 of the Giro! Maddness or Racing?

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ImageSome would say this was mad, others its racing, but what is certain is this is action from yesterday’s stage 15 of the Giro D’Italia, and yes the riders are riding through the Alps into France with snow either side of the road. At the time this pic was taken the stage had been neutralised, which mean the riders weren’t actually racing up the mountain, due to the weather. There was concern of dangerous road conditions on the decent, so the riders rode together at a steady 27kmph!. Even going up a mountain in freezing temperatures the pro riders are travelling quicker than me in the British summer time. The moving average on my last ride reached the dizzy heights of 24.4 kmph!

To me however it s why I enjoy cycling so much. The riders really do put themselves through the mill riding the Giro. British rider @SteveCumminfs16 riding for @BMCProTeam is pictured climbing up the road with the picturesque scenes to either side. Win the  first grand tour of the season and you really are in good shape. It might not be the “crown” of the season, that being the Tour, but its still a great achievement and one the top riders want on their CV. Unfortunately Wiggo wasn’t able to add the Giro to his Tour victory but will fight on to compete again I’m sure.

I know cycling has a dark past which it is working hard to shake off, but respect has to be given to these riders who are able to cope with the weather conditions and the increadably steep mountains they climb. The mountains on stage 15 have also been used in the Tour but as this is in July there is less snow around. Even so the fact the peloton drag themselves up these climbs day in day out means they deserved admeration for their efforts especually from (very) amature cyclists like myself. Today thankfully is a rest day in the Giro (even though the riders will still get out on their bikes, but not race) so maybe some time to recover before the third week of the Giro and the final stage into Brescia on Sunday.

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