Why cycle #l2b again?

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You did it last year, so why again? This is a question I’ve been asked a number of times. Why do people return to run the marathon, or people scale MT Everest, because they can.

I really enjoyed last year, and want to push myself again to see if I can beat my challenge of completing the ride in sub 4 hours. In a way its the same as the repeat runners and climbers, the challenge to.improve.

There is however the other side to this. I really enjoyed raising money for The British Heart Foundation. This year I want to raise £250 before I cross the start line in just six weeks. To complete this I need your help. Please donate and spread the word.

I’m raising money for The British Heart Foundation so they can fund the research which will find a cure for heart failure. With all the technology and medical progress we humans have made we still have get to cure a disease which affects the most important organ in our body. Without a heart we are lifeless. People who suffer from heart failure could be anyone of us. How would we feel if we had heart failure?

Please show your support for the work done my the BHF by giving what you can on

Thank you!

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