One month today

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This time next month I’ll be gearing up for the London to Brighton ride raising money for The British Heart Foundation The training is slowly coming together and I have found a comfortable pace on y bike which I feel I can maintain throughout the ride. This should give me the opportunity to gain time on the flatter sections to allow for the inevitable reduction  pace of the category 3 climb over Devils Dyke. It is nothing for the pro riders but for us mortals then its a challenge at the end of a fairly long ride.


I am nearly kitted out, now my new jacket has arrived. It is certainly bright and will help meImage be seen. However I hope I don’t have to wear it as the weather will be nice for the duration of the ride! Yes I am being silly to think I could possibly rely on the British weather! As you can see it is certainly bright!


I want you all to sleep well on the weekend of 13/14th July. I believe you can achieve this my helping me reach my fundraising target. Just click on my link and help me get to £250. If every reader of this blog, attached Twitter and Facebook account just gave £1 I would achieve my target in minutes. This is nothing to you an me, but vital to those people who are supported by The British Heart Foundation after they have suffered from heart attacks and broken hearts. Please I know this is annoying and you already do loads for charities close to you, but if you could spare a few £ it really will make a difference  to those who have to live with a condition which at the time of writing has no cure. With your help that cure becomes a step closer and one day might just help one of us or our children. Just by clicking on the link to my fundraising page will allow you to sleep a lot easier during mid July whilst I cycle my heart out to help people less fortunate than ourselves.

Thank you for your help. It means a lot! 


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