Its real.

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I knew our challenge was real as I experienced the ride last year. However when talking to another participant of this years ride yesterday they said they had received their pack, and mine had not yet arrived. As you can see mine came today. Again like last year the fact I will cycle from London to Brighton has really got home again.

The strange thing is I feel ready for the ride and knew it was coming. The sponsorship is getting there (£40 to go), the bike is a dream to ride and I feel good about attacking the route for a sub for hour time. It’s not until your pack arrives that it seems task and I don’t know why but it is.

I have to say the pack is a great improvement from last year. The map us in much more detail, taken from an OS map. It is the size if a map too which is good but lets face it you are unlikely to get lost just follow every other rider. Saying this we did take a wrong turn last year due to a marshall not being in the right place.

So now it’s time to put the finishing touches to my ride preparations. Time to get my gels from the local bike shop, get the bike serviced in the final week before event day and arrange two light rides for the final week. Also need to eat chicken with some pasta on the Friday and get some sleep Saturday afternoon. This I didn’t manage last year as it was so got on event day.

I now feel part of the team now my pack has arrived. It real. I am doing this and helping make a difference. I have been able to combine raising money for an excellent cause by completing an activity I really enjoy. I really am quite lucky to be able to have this opportunity. Sub for hours here we come. Fingers Crossed.

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