One of the biggest events in the cycling calendar and…

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no live coverage on the two television channels of the National Road Race Championships. At least there is highlights tomorrow night (Monday 24th June) on ITV4!

Next weekend and for the following three weeks both British Eurosport and ITV4 will show live coverage and highlights of the 100th Tour de France, but today nothing. Please, please get this sorted for 2014! I know there would have been reasons for not covering the race live, but I think a glorious opportunity was lost today.

I ask why that one of the biggest events in the road cycling calendar is not covered live? Later in September they will be coverage if the Tour of Britain which is great but over the weekend we have had many of the worlds top rivers in UK road fighting it or for the honour of wearing the national champions jersey.

I have to say a massive thank you to Twitter for my coverage of the race. It certainly added something, as it was very nerve wracking watching the action unfold in 140 characters or less but annoying I could not watch the action live on TV. After all the south east is along way from Glasgow where the championships took place so couldn’t attend live. @BriSmith (Brian Smith Eurosport &ITV4 commentator) @cyclingweekly and @ BritisjCycling et al kept me and the world updated which the action. Without this fantastic service it works be the old fashioned way of finding our the result in the paper tomorrow or doing A Likely Lads and trying to avoid the result until watching the highlights tomorrow evening.

So the result. Stop reading now if you don’t want to know the result of both the men’s and women’s races. AllI will say before saying who won I’d I might be getting one if the jerseys when they are on sale which I have a feeling will be very soon.

So here it is the result. A big well done to ladies champion Lizzie Armistead who won on Saturday and the men’s champion, yes you guessed it, the Manx missile Mark Cavendish. He will wear his new national champions jersey in the tour next week, well until he gets the yellow one after stage one and the green points jersey for leading the points classification. I think the OPQS jersey in UK champions decorations will be a nice sight to see. We have seen the Sky version with Ian Stannard and Wiggo a few years back, but now its Cav’s.

The top four in the rave will all be of to the tour next week so it easy a strong fiend which you expect for your national championships. Well done to the top riders for their participation. Next year lets hope this key event in the cycling calendar is covered live so we can all enjoy the event. After all isn’t cycling gaining more popularity? It would gain more covering it live!

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