Just 3 days to go until the 100th Tour de France

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The waiting is nearly over. 3 days until the start of the 100th Tour de France. Will Mark Cavendish be in Yellow at the end of the first day which is set up for the Sprinters. Lets hope so. Image

I think the 100th tour will be a good one. Last year returned Sir Brad as the first British winner and with a bit of luck we could have Froom taking the honours in Paris in three weeks with Cav returning to glory in Green.  At this rate the UK will be targeting all the jerseys, although the King of the mountains could be a struggle this year. The route is an interesting one. It is a shame Sir Wiggo won’t be there to defend his title and we will never know if he decides not to ride the tour again. Lets wait and see.

There are many stages to look out for in this years race. I think one of the most important ones will be Stage 18 Gap to Alpe D’Huez where the riders will climb the famous mountain twice with the finish line at the top of the second summit. If Froome manages this with a lead or gains the lead on this stage he will be in an excellent position to take the 100th tour, his first victory and the second for a British rider. Image

It might only be 168km long but the fact on this stage they are going over 4 big climbs at a high altitude before the final climb up Alpe D’Huez for the finish.

In my opinion its stages like this that make the tour what it is. The physical and mental challenge the riders face must be phenomenal, just for this stage alone, but the fact they have been riding for 17 stages before this just proves these riders are something special.

So I all starts on Saturday, at last. For the next three weeks cycling will rule my life, watching the tour as well as a certain ride In doing on 14th July, eek!

Images taken from http://inrng.com/2012/10/2013-tour-de-france/

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