London to Brighton (night ride 2)

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Come midnight on Saturday/Sunday morning if we start late I will be on the start line of the second British Heart Foundation London to Brighton night Ride (#l2b).

The purpose of this blog is to ensure I have everything on Saturday night. Here goes:

Bike, Shoes, Helmet, Mits, Jersey, Bib Shorts, Glasses (clear and dark lens), Lights, Ride Number, Route map (although lets be honest follow everyone else), 3pm Coach & Lorry Ticket (for bike and me), Return train ticket to London, Rain jacket (although might not need this), Pump/CO2 cannister, 2 bottles with cages, water and zero hydration tabs (could be a hot & sticky night), energy gels x3, isogel x3, energy bar x3, haribo x3 small packets, suncream, flipflots, mobile phone, wallet, cash, bike lock and key.


I think that is is. If the weather is going to be like this I might swap the rain jacket for a towel and then get into the sea for a relaxing swim after the ride, or not bother with the towel and dry off on the sunshine on the beach.

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