The next challenge is….?

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The legs have recovered, although I still sleep like a baby, but again like last year I am now thinking about the next challenge. The third London to Brighton night ride is very much on as I still have unfinished business with this ride. Without light gate as mentioned in 4 hours 38 minutes (part 1) @GrabsNowBlog and I feel we can complete this ride in sub 4 hours.

How to improve. Well as I am now a member of British Cycling as a ride member (£28 per year) this has given me access to the many Sportives which you can complete just to make the longer rides a bit more interesting. Obviously the normal Sunday morning cycle with friends will be a very important part of the training and development, if nothing else as a social tool and a chance to catch up after a busy week. The advantage of the Sportives is they don’t all require you to raise money which is a big ask of people to keep donating on a regular basis. @Grabsnowblog and I feel doing one charity event a year is enough and mine will be cycling, but he may run the London marathon if he gets his place. You’ll know as soon as I do and we can support him in his efforts.

The British Heart Foundation already have registration open for the 2014 night ride on 12th July. The only reason I haven’t signed up yet is I am seeing who wants to join me as part of the team. I have alrwady had some requests from people on this years ride an others who have, in the past, completed London to brighton day ride but fancy having a crack at the night ride. If you want to join us on 12th July 2014 for the night ride then get in touch and I can start to organise the team. 

2014 could be a big year. Both @GrabsNowBlog could be cycling London to Paris if we are successful in the ballot and this would definity become the main charity event, however there are other possibilities. I have always fancied completing the Dunwich Dynamo with is this weekend (but other commitments prevent me attempting this in 2013), and this could be an option. I suppose it depend upon the date and other events which could make the calander.

I suppose, on reflection, this is one of the benefits of the 2012 Olympic games legacy. The number of people cycling has increased since the games and as a result this will start to have an impact on the health of the nation. This can only happen if we can actually make cycling an option for people to get about. Cycle lanes are required in ALL towns so we made the roads safer and we need to educate ALL road users. Cyclists need to respect vehicles and likewise the cars, busses, lorries and trucks need to think bicycle as well and think bike!

Whatever I decide I will update the blog and comment on my progress.

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