B is for b*****ks & G is for Gatorskins

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Today was going to be the “ride as far as possible for two hours” ride and see what happens. Well that was cut short after finding a new claims to try. The climb was fine but on the decent I was created with a very shiny road surface. On this small country road a delivery or building lorry has shed hundreds of nails and screws over the road. I managed to get through most of the carnage but then as I passed through a lovely village pub by back end was out of control. The ride of the bike was not its normal smooth self and I knew something was up.

Yes a puncture in the rear wheel was the cause if this. Something cyclists get all the time. A pain as I was only 6k into the ride. The tyre has been ripped to shreds and that was the end of the ride. Spare tubes I had, but a trip to the local cycle shop was required. The tube was also in a shocking state with three large holes. The bin for that particular tube. Recycled of course.

So bring on the Gatorskins. I must get one for the front. They really are a great tyre. Now I get the opportunity to see how they perform. If you get some make sure you read the tyre and put it on the right way.


The only funny thing is about the event is I’ve managed to make the letter b on my Strava and MapMyRide maps. This was the warm up before setting off on a much longer ride. Hence the title “b is for bollocks” and G is for Gatorskin for this blog entry.

Well by the time I had got back from the cycle shop and fitted the new tyre and tube it was time for fish and chips from the van which comes every Wednesday. Not a patch on the ones from the Norfolk coast last week but still nice all the same.

Oh well Friday will be the next ride day and a chance to test the Gatorskins. I’ll write a review if them and post.

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