The nod

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When I was out today I saw many more cyclists than normal for a Sunday. The nice weather, not to hot and no rain we had in my part of the UK helped us I was cycling at a much more sociable hour late morning, instead of the normal 8 am start.

The benefits of seeing fellow cyclists on the road is you give and receive the nod or sometimes a wave to a fellow cyclist coming in the opposite direction. This appreciation of each not her provides a bond between cyclist of all levels from the beginner, regular rider and the full on amateur cyclist. I have no doubt the pros would also ablige but if I ever see Alex Dowsett out on a ride the nod would be long gone as he speeds past. If only I could reach those speeds on the flat he does going down a hill!

Last evening I was also able to cycle up to a friend and this is another enjoyable aspect of cycling, being able to have a chat. I’d you are catching a rider or group don’t forget to announce your presence and if staying with the group do your turn on the front. Its in the rules after all!


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