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I’ve never been a big reader but maybe as I get older its something this summer I have indulged in . I have read two books on cycling, both autobiographies and both cover the aspect of doping during the nineties and 2000’s.

The first was The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton and the second was David Millar’s book The fall and Rise of David Millar. Both books are very good and well with a read. I felt with Hamilton’s book you got an insight of what it was like in a team which was controlled by Lance Armstrong and whilst Millar was also a teammate of Armstrong before his cancer diagnosis, his books gave you a different perspective.
Cycling’s murky past is disappointing from the sports point of view but there is something about it which it interesting to find out what went on. Anyway my love for cycling books is getting the same as wanting to get out on the bike. So to solve this problem I have purchased my own copy of the Rules, which from this blog is a must, as well as the Eddy Merck’s book by William Fortheringham. If there was ever a great bike racer then Merck’s is up there in the top spot.

So whilst reading these beauties I will try and fit in more cycling, oh and return to work which will all add time pressures. I’ll blog too. There just might not be enough hours in the day!

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