G is for Gaterskins and FB isn’t Facebook

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As you may know from a previous entry due to a puncture I needed a new tyre on the rear wheel of my bike. In supporting the local bike shop I purchased a Continental Gatorskin. I have read many good reviews about these tyres and after one ride I can see why.

I would say to start with they are not the lightest tyre in the world but are one of the strongest. Ideal for the everyday rider which I am. Never before have I had so much confidence in the rear of the bike before. Yes my handling skills are getting better but this has been helped with the Gatorskin. I will replace the front tyre so there is a matching pair. A job for the bank holiday weekend!

This morning was a test and was a short ride of just 24km. In the rain too so the pace was not as quick as it is in the dry. Saying this on the final small climb of the ride I was feeling good and thought I would attack the climb. I stayed in the highest possible gear I could, forgot the world and pedalled for all I was worth. It worked! I was 3 seconds faster than the quickest time going up a 5% climb. I can only assume I should be able to go faster in the dry. Let’s see. For now I am happy with my achievement so far. At this point can I add this is the fastest time on the MapMyRide course. The real test comes if I can quicken my time by another 20 seconds to take the number one spot on Strava. That will take a while but the only way to improve I’d to keep beating your own times on courses and segments and eventually you will climb the leader boards.

So back to the title. G is for Garorskin and from the reviews I have read and the test I have completed myself the FB is for fucking brilliant. I love these tyres for the cycling I do. The only drawback mentioned in some of the reviews is they are a little tight to but on the wheel. However with a tyre leaver they fit very well on mine and the performance today was very impressive. I’ll try a longer ride in the morning in hopefully dryer conditions, however if it rains it rains. You only get wet once and once your wet you’re wet. Rule 9 is there for a reason!

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