Back to work and another charity ride.

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On Monday I return to work after the holidays and the opportunity to utilise they gym again. Soon I will be leaving the bike inside more often than not as the winter training programme will kick in. Well I have to have a meeting first to decide what they plan is but I need to assume I have a Ride London place for next August, so allow me to use the winter for the necessary strength work. I’ll get out on the bike when I can on those cold December, January and February mornings. but will be glad of the gym in the real depths of winter. I will have my fingers crossed until February when the Ride London entries are announced.

However before then there is a small matter of either 65 or an 85 mile route on Sunday 15th September for The Children’s Trust. As yet I have not received my route options and I can decide on the day, but I am thinking the 85 mile route is well within me , its just the time. 65 miles should be between 3.5 and 4 hours so 85 would be 4.5 – 5.5 hours depending upon the route and any climbs. One thing is after my delivery today I will have enough gels and electrolyte tabs thanks to the fantastic offers at Wiggle. Don’t forget when you order from them you get a little bonus in your order, enjoy. Past and present customers will know just exactly what the little extra is!


As you can see with this lot I will enough energy to light up the Blackpool illuminations if they need a hand. It will be interesting to see how the Apple, citrus and natural flavours shape up. So far the orange and summer fruits are good. Hi5 say they use real fruit juice and from the ones I have used so far you can tell.

As I finish off this entry and look out of the window at the evening sky it is another reminder of the need for lights on any evening ride. Mine have never been to far away from my bike since the night ride back in July and the fun which @grabsnowblog and I had with lights on that particular ride. It really was an experience.

So a little morning ride tomorrow I think before a very special afternoon as a nice reward!

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