Month: August 2013

The nod

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When I was out today I saw many more cyclists than normal for a Sunday. The nice weather, not to hot and no rain we had in my part of the UK helped us I was cycling at a much more sociable hour late morning, instead of the normal 8 am start.

The benefits of seeing fellow cyclists on the road is you give and receive the nod or sometimes a wave to a fellow cyclist coming in the opposite direction. This appreciation of each not her provides a bond between cyclist of all levels from the beginner, regular rider and the full on amateur cyclist. I have no doubt the pros would also ablige but if I ever see Alex Dowsett out on a ride the nod would be long gone as he speeds past. If only I could reach those speeds on the flat he does going down a hill!

Last evening I was also able to cycle up to a friend and this is another enjoyable aspect of cycling, being able to have a chat. I’d you are catching a rider or group don’t forget to announce your presence and if staying with the group do your turn on the front. Its in the rules after all!

It’s good to be back

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After my break in Norfolk and sampling the delights of Norfolk Ales and probably to many fish and chips I finally got back out on the bike.

I wasn’t expecting a lot, just get back into the routine and see how things feel. I did try on a few courses or segments of my normal rides and I could feel it. I could not maintain the power or the average moving speed and this will return over the coming weeks. After all I am not a pro!.

It wasn’t all bad. I am now second on one of the segments a 2.7 km sprint which I felt tonight I could have given a bit more. This effort however did destroy me on the next segment only to prove that this was a first outing and I need to build of back up again.

So next week this will be the plan. Get out more and see what I can do. After all London to Canterbury is only a month away.