The story of a (very) bad Apple

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We all love our technology and gadgets. From the smart phone to communicate (wanted or not) 24hours a day, 365 days a year, recording our very run, ride, tweet, blog update (to catch up with inthepeloton) just to check the weather etc the technology at our finger tips makes live a lot easier, or we have the excuse to be more lazy depending upon your point of view.

I certainly love my gadgets and I bring you the latest instalment from my tablet from the well known fruit company. The said company in question however good the products they bring to market really need to allow their staff to use common sense or at least empower them with the answers to sensible questions.

My tablet is less than a year old and unfortunately it developed a fault with the charger. No problem I thought I’ll contact the fruit based company for advice. There was the first problem. I logged onto the fruit based companies website and eventually found what I was looking for. I then hoped to have a chat with a member of their customer service team to inform them of my problem. It seamed the fruit based technology company are not that interested in speaking to their customers and I was shocked when I received a message to say we cannot speak to you as you done have the suitable level of cover, and would I like to purchase this. NO the devise is within the warranty and anyone with any common sense and a little customer service training knows that if an item is within warranty and is faulty then you cannot charge extra for the repairs, let alone just to speak to someone. Plus you only have to log onto a number of forums to realise my problem with the charger is actually a common one which they are aware off!

So after work I took the item back to the store and asked for their assistance. The staff at Argos were nothing but excellent. Say what you like about some of the experiences I may have hearted others say, but they were excellent. They explained they would need to contact the fruits based technology company as they supply all the spare parts. No problem so the call was made and then the fruit based technology company managed to again cover themselves in what can only be described as shocking behaviour. They demanded a credit card number for a replacement item to be sent out just in case I decided not to send back the faulty charger. I will remind you I was in the store of the retailer and they were in the phone to the fruit based technology company. The next demand was for the retailer to provide a credit card in case the faulty charger was not send to them. When the customer service manager of Argos explained the item was within the warranty period the fruit based technology company stood firm. As to turned out the retailer raced the whole unit charger and tablet as it was under the warranty and said they would take it up with the fruit based technology company.

So all in all not a good experience, and then they send me an email asking for feedback about how I was treated as a customer. Well I respectfully gave them both barrels and told them my experience. As yet I have not had a response to this feedback with was nothing less than truthful and painting the experience I received in an extremely bad light. I know there are many very happy and loyal customers from the fruit based technology company, but the very bad Apple I took a bite from has left a very sour taste in the mouth indeed. The late Mr Jobs would not have been proud, come on sort it out!!

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