The hard work starts now, on and off the bike.

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Followers in Twitter will already know this, but I will be busy on 10th August 2014 as I am cycling in the second #ridelondon through a charity place. There is still a chance that I could receive a ballot entry through the post in the next day or so, but I can say that I have formally accepted the charity place from Sue Ryder Care and now have to raise a minimum of £600 in 200 days, as well as get my body ready for the challenge.

SR logo in shape blue 299 (2)If I get my ballot entry I will still ride for Sue Ryder and they can give the charity place to another rider, but until the 15th February this cannot be conformed. I know I will be there riding for Sue Ryder one way or another.

I have to say there are still a few charity places out there if you act fast and complete applications. I suspect these will fill quickly as people find out they haven’t got a ballot entry, but you never know. I had received an offer via twitter from two other charities, but there is no way I am cycling that course three times, let along on the same day.

So what now. Well the fundraising page needs to be relaunched and the formal training plan put into action. I will receive loads of support from Sue Ryder to ensure I am in the right condition for the event, and as well,as this a lovely Sue Ryder cycling jersey for the big day. Let’s hope I get the size right and can fit into it.

So this means that my Strava profile will be battered with the training rides which will need to be completed to get me in shape. In the past training for London to Brighton was fairly easy. However this is the marathon of sportives and one which I cannot disappoint. I won’t be first across the line, but refuse to be collected by the broom wagon either. As per last year there will be regular updates on my progress, training and fundraising plus a possible guest blog entry on the Sue Ryder blog which they are setting up for training and fundraising tips.

I knew 2014 was going to be big, but it’s going to be massive.


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