A different type of training today.

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So the training needs to be done and there will be lots of it. Keeping motivated will be the key which is why tracking my progress on Strava will help, as you can join challenges and set yourself goals as part of your training plan. From my reading well training should also include different types, cross trainer in the gym etc to smooth out any muscle imbalance, but also to break up the same of stuff. You need to exercise and train the mind as well as the body.

So today I hot a personal milestone. Regular readers (all 3 of you) will know that I am not a runner. Unlike @onevbusyman I am not training for the London Marathon so don’t need to spend hours pounding the pavement, but today I decided I would have another crack at running a 10k! To add to this I set myself the challenge to see how close I could do this to one hour and hopefully under it. The headphones were plugged in and I was off, gratefully assisted by the Prodigy which I have to say helped me keep a steady pace which was much quicker than I have run before. So with Invaders must die pumping into my ears I was able to complete my first 10k and have it record properly on Strava ( the previous attempt was recorded at 9.4km and that hurt being defined the distance) and in the process gain my first digital badge, yes I feel good!


I know that the use of Strava will be a valuable part of my training as I prepare for Ride London. I will see my fitness improve as the weeks and months roll by and hopefully I remain injury free and don’t suffer any hick ups along the way. With me feeling good and the first small milestone achieved, plus the bike saved from the floods earlier in the week it is time to get some rest before a ride in the morning, just to get the legs working once more.

Enjoy your rides this weekend whatever and wherever you’re riding.

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