I must remember I need time to improve.

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i suppose I am still getting over the excitement of actually knowing I will be part of the many thousands participating in Ride London come August. I know from experience the training will be hard at times and there will be good days and bad. At least I know from experience that I will be able to get through the low points and become stronger/fitter in time.

This weekend has training highs and lows. Saturday was the high with my first ever recorded 10km run which I am pleased about as it will help with the cardo work as preparation for the long rides. Sunday was the low. I felt in good shape but in reality I found the training difficult. I managed just 2km running before my legs gave way after the previous days run. I like to use the weekend to its full potential for training when I can as the weeks can be busy with work etc.

The lesson with this is REST. Rest is a critical part of the training plan. Remember I am not a runner so therefore by body needs longer to recover especially at the moment at the start of the training. My body is able to recover from cycling as it is an activity my body has completed more off.

The second lesson or reminder is that not all training need to be pushing the boundaries of physical exertion. After all I am training for a endurance event I need a combination of shorter more demanding intensive style workouts, as well as the much slower endurance building rides. The latter will come at the weekends in the coming months, I have just tried to hit the gym hardish to lose the excesses of the festive season and this has merged into the start of the training for Ride London.

In truth the actual training plan has not officially started yet as this will commence properly in March. My reason for this is mainly work commitments and the fact the weather at the moment in the UK is wet to say the least. I suppose the work I am doing now is pre training work. I refrain from using the work conditioning as I am not in any sort of condition apart from poor.

The main think I take from this weekend is stay focused and you can complete this challenge. I just wonder how long it will take me, but that is another post!

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