New kit part 2, staying warm on a ride!

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That is how I felt when I was on my morning ride today. I have warn arm Warmers before and thought the leg Warmers would also do a good job, which they did, but the best feeling when I finished the ride was not having cold and wet feet. I am sure my shoes will also thank me, I know my feet certainly did.

The reason was I have finally invested in overshoes.


As you can see this excellent invention fits over your shoe so you still clip in as normal but have the luxury of keeping your feet warm and dry (depending upon the make, some are not waterproof). There was a lot do standing water, although not the flooding of recent weeks, so it was a good test of the overshoes. After one ride of 28 km they have scored a big 10/10 from me, but I will see how they go in the next few weeks. First impressions make a big difference on me and I have to say again dhb have come up trumps again with another fantastic product as a very reasonable price.

As well as keeping my feet warm I have decided, as spring is nearly hear, to bin the tights and have invested in leg warmers.


Again the brand is dhb and I got all the products here in one shipment for just over £40, you just have to love Wiggle. Anyway back to the warmers. I went for large for both in the leg and the arms and they are just right. I am 6ft and weigh around 14 stone and they are a perfect fit. I have size 10 feet and the large overshoes are ideal for my shoes. In metric figures all this is 182cm tall, weighing 88.9kg and shoe size 44! They work a treat, my whole body was warm and I think As a result I was able to push further too! Well that is what I’ll be telling myself as justification for the investment if nothing else.

All this plus I had a new saddle bag from the great people at Ben Hayward Cycles in Cambridge, (@BenHaywardCycle) to contain the essentials for an breakdown, and the ride recorded on my new Garmin Edge 200. It might be the entry level GPS cycle computer but it sure does do a lot for under £100. Impressed, no very impressed I am with the little handlebar mounted unit which keeps you honest. I do like the fact I have my average moving speed in my eye sight when ever I glance down at the handlebars. Instant motivation to get your sorry ass moving, or to scare the living shit out of you when you’re defending a hill as speed. Well I say speed, the max speed today was, going downhill was still slower than a Mark Cavendish sprint for the line. His speed on those finishes are just silly for a mere amateur like me!

Well it was fun being warm on the bike and I have to say it felt great to be back involved with the Sunday rides again. I even was able to manage some much needed decorating during the ret of the day which probably meant I didn’t push it hard enough on the ride. Oh well the plan which starts next week says start small and build it up over the eight weeks.

Thanks you for reading, and keep cycling.


2 thoughts on “New kit part 2, staying warm on a ride!

    northernbike said:
    02/03/2014 at 7:45 pm

    plastic overshoes are the probably the best invention in cycling since pneumatic tyres! I don’t think I would get out the door for several months of the year without them

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