Back cycling to work… and home again (with a full days work in between just to add!)

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Yesterday I decided I was going to start cycling to work, lights checks and all working, a change of clothes already in work waiting and the items required for a nice shower once I arrived. The ability to get some training in whilst travelling to work, plus I can do some later as I have to get home. I don’t class myself as a fair weather cyclist but the winter months have played havoc with the road and this year there seem to be more pot holes and cracks in the road. Well I say pot holes more like the metal drain cover is still there but the tarmac around it has been washed away. Literally in some cases! However now the weather seems to be on the turn the council can start fixing the roads and I can use the lighter mornings to cycle in a slightly more safer environment to work. Training on the road is far better than training in the gym, if nothing else so the rides completed on Strava can count towards challenges rather than just the MTS (Monthly Training Series).

I have not cycled to work for about 6 months so it was nice to get back in the saddle early in the morning. As the regular reader (all 2 of them!) will know this week I have started my training seriously for Ride London and any other sportive which takes my fancy before then too. The fact I can complete part of my training just getting to and from work is an added bonus and gives more time for other activities in the day apart from work. And it felt good! I managed the 20km in 43.11 (average speed 27.8kph) and I could have gone faster as I am sure the legs had more to give. I also lost about two minutes on a very busy roundabout, but better to be safe than dead! I have said in previous posts I wanted to get some shorter rides in at a higher pace to build up the power and fitness which will help on the longer rides and this was just the start. When I uploaded the activity I was rewarded with three PB which gave me an extra spring to my step, so as you can probably tell Tuesday is a good day, just because I can cycle to work and feel the benefits. This is why more people should do it, just think of the money you could save on the fuel and the health benefits cycling will bring to you.

The ride home was a far more gentle ride and I was not going to smash any records here. a gentle 25.6 kph was the average speed. I think the body was feeling the effects of a busy day plus a good paced ride in the morning. On reflection I didn’t fuel the body very well today either, which doesn’t help a quick burst of energy. I must ensure I have a good breakfast from the canteen on arrival in the future.  Anyway soon into the ride I knew that is had to be an easy pace so took the opportunity to  take in the lovely countryside views which we are blessed with in the south of England.

The joy of cycling had never really gone anywhere but today I dusted it down from winter hibernation. The cycle commute is back. Yes!


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