a Strava first!

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I’ve done it. I have managed to ride 250 km in a month and record these on Strava to earn my first cycling digital badge. A small reward for the training but one which has been on the do to list for a while, and now I can cross it out and replace it with the goal of the next badge 500 km in a month.


The ride home today needed to be a steady pace, but quick and this was a very good lesson. Overall the times will tumble when you have a comfortable consistent effort, not going made for some segments and then having to rest on others. This is a technique not I have achieved with some success to replicate on other rides and see if I can maintain a higher average speed for these and in the process gain a string of PB’s too. From the perspective on PB’s I think this evening was a first. All the segments which I gained recognition for where PB’s. Not all segments were PB’s as some are marked as dangerous and one I will not improve upon until I have shifted a few more kg in weight. Still I am happy with a moving average speed of 28.1 for the 20 km journey.

Well I am happy the early part of the training is going well and I have some strength to work on in the coming weeks.

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