Now its getting serious!

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I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but by the end of April we will know. The regular reader will know that I record my rides using either my Garmin Edge 200 and then upload to Strava or via my mobile record my rides via Strava mobile app, just so I can easily compare and track my performance.

One thing I really enjoy are the monthly challenges Strava provide each month to keep you going. Checking out how you shape up against others you follow has certainly helped me get out on the bike to close the gap. Now we have really gone a step further.

Image   The pros are contesting the Spring classics and Strava don’t want you to feel left out. In 40 days they have challenged users to ride the total distance of the classics, a mere 1266km! So I’ve accepted the challenge to see how far I actually get. Oh dear I am either going to die or come out of this feeling like my bike is actually attached to my body at all times.

ImageTo achieve this I have also accepted another challenge to ride 130km in one single ride. It is actually not that far away on the training plan so will be a good test of what I am made off, and I hope it is not a mistake. Only time will tell how successful I will me.

The result, if I am successful, is the increased leaner me on a bike and the option to purchase one of the specialist T shirts and Cycle jerseys only available for people who complete the challenge. I have to say they are not cheap and even if I complete the challenge I might refrain from the purchase but until the distances have been covered this is irrelevant. So if you dont hear from me on the blog you will know why, I am out riding the Km in the attempt to hot a challenging distance goal in the month of April. At least I have two weeks holiday which should help be get out on the bike.

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