Another Strava first…and I feel very proud!

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Congrads! You have just earned the ****** to ***** KOM. Share it with friends.

This was the message I received from the lovely people at Strava, plus an email confirming the same thing, that being that I have reached the top of the pile on one of the segments on Strava. And I feel great about it!

My first KOM on Strava

I suppose that the work I have been doing in training is starting to pay off. This was the fourth ride over two days and the aim was to give this segment a go, which worked and then enjoy the rest of the ride home. Of course, whilst it felt good and I was confident I had achieved my goal I couldn’t be sure until I had uploaded the ride from my GPS. Then, yes get in, I saw the time and the fact I had smashed my goal for the segment by 18 seconds and a massive 46 seconds quicker than my previous attempt (and then PB) earlier in the day. 

Over these two days i have focused on getting the average speeds up as close to 30kph as possible. I managed to get all four above 28kph which has helped be build strength in the legs which will help me on the longer rides over the next few weeks. Ideally I would like to be able to build up to rides of about 40-50km with an average speed as close to 30kph. If achieved then I know the strength will be there in time for Ride London come the summer. Then I can focus on continuing to build the endurance and the fact of being on a bike for 5+ hours. I’ve still got plenty of time to get into condition and hopefully will be able to shift another 7-8 kg of my body weight, which will help up the climbs of Leaf and Box hill in beautiful Surrey.

Yesterday was also a good day as I received a text message from @onevbusyman who next weekend will be running his first London Marathon. This great gentleman of distinction is the fellow I cycles with last year in the second London to Brighton Night ride for @TheBHF and we experience a sauna of a bus journey back to London from Brighton on that very hot Sunday afternoon. The great news is with the marathon nearly clear from his schedule, it means he will be a welcome addition once again to the world of cycling and the peloton of two (or however many other people we are riding with)! Sportives were mentioned and this excites me. We also have ruled out an attempt to complete London to Brighton this year but I still would like to complete this in sub four hours which was the plan last year. It will be possible without any mechanical issues. The sportives will be great fun and will be a fantastic way of clocking up the long distance rides in the final preparation for Ride London.

I will take this opportunity to remind my regular reader of the reason why I am cycling all this way. I am raising money for Sue Ryder Care to help them with the fantastic work they do. Whist the training is obviously going well with my KOM achievement I will now need to turn my attention to getting the fundraising going and hitting my target of £650. Just think £5-10 from every reader of this blog will start me off with £5-10 towards my target. Every little helps!

My page to sponsor me is here. Thank you!


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