128 days to go.

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We have just entered April and I don’t complete Ride London until 10th August, which still gives plenty of time for fundraising and training. However when downloading the new Virgin Money Giving app for the iPad it kindly reminded me how long I had left, in days and when you say this it doesn’t sound long.

With this in mind the fundraising is going to need to be pushed and I can’t apologies for this. Without your help I cannot reach my target, which in turn will help Sue Ryder Care complete their excellent work in providing respite and care to people with a range of neurological conditions.

My page is available here. Please have a look and I wonder who will be the first person to kick off my online campaign. Over the next week I will be organising car washes and cake sales to help me reach the fundraising target. At least I will know I will have done a lot of hard work on and off the bike before the main event come August.

Please give what you can in order to help Sue Ryder Care continue the fantastic work they do for many people and their families.

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