Jacket and Gillet in one

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This jacket may be coming to the end of its life as Craft are no doubt bringing out a new version or newer jacket, but I picked up this jacket recently for a very good knocked down price (£40 off, just paying £30!)

What I liked about the jacket was the fact you could detach the arms and then make it a Gillet. The large pocket at the back is big enough to store the arms and your essentials when out riding.

The fit is snug which means I don’t get any flapping unless I am riding with it unzipped, and it does keep the wind off my torso which is what I hoped for. It is also certainly shower proof which is great, but I am yet to test this in the full on British wet weather. However I have a d2b jacket which keeps the rain out. I also doing it will keep me warm in the depths of winder but then again I would be riding in the other jacket in these conditions (or working on the indoor trainer).

The jacket itself will easily roll up and fit I to the jersey pocket, so is ideal of those spring and autumn ride when the rain doesn’t know when to come or stay away. As I have mentioned before this jacket/gillet is good enough to keep the winds out which we get at these times of year.

This is my first experience of the CRAFT brand and I have to say that I am impressed. After looking at some of their of their products and seeing the price tags I had an idea they could be good. So far so good. Now just to get out on the bike to test the jacket some more.

**if any company wishes me to test/review their product as a commuter on a bike then please get in touch**

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