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I am sure I have blogged before (last summer) about my intentions to join the local cycle club, well there was a lot of procrastination and it never happened, which actually meant that after Ride London last august my cycling took a back seat. Over the winter months the weight went on, the new year came and I decided I would attempt Ride London in 2015! Not a problem, except I was a lot heaver than I was the previous year when I signed up. There was clearly work to be done and the winter training in the gym wasn’t going to cut the mustered.

Action plan 1 – The Turbo Trainer!

January sales and managed to pick up a lovely turbo trainer for the winter months. At last I was back on my bike, rather than the exercise bike in the gym. I could start to measure cadence and HR again and this made me feel better. I knew however I need to get back out on the road and motivation was a little lacking as the weather was not helpful to start the morning commute. At least I know I have this option for the late autumn evenings and I can still get a workout from my bike.

Action Plan 2 – Stop procrastination and join the club

It might have taken until late February to print and post the form and cheque but on 1st March 2015 I received an email confirming my membership,  complete with my membership number and the benefits I am now covered by as a club member. Along with this I was now on the email list to receive weekly ride details. Just get up early on a Sunday morning and see what it is all about. Remember don’t make a fool of yourself and try and fit in.

Well the first club ride came and I was welcomed into the club. In the following months I have starting to make new friends and meet people, as well as gain some very useful tips and guidance to improve my cycling. Some of these have had the desired effect already (higher cadence and higher seat post) and I have managed to step up a group.

I have been made to feel so welcome when the request for ride leaders and ride assistants came, I felt I could not help out. Another part of my cycling education keeping others safe and regulating the pace in the front of a group etc, but all good fun.

So if you are thinking of joining a cycling club, then my advice is go for it. They are all different so you will need to complete some research first, but if your local club is anything like mine then it will be a pleasure when the alarm goes off very early on a Sunday morning.

Happy cycling and keep safe out there.

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