Cycling adventures, the possibilities

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I have been away from the blog for a few days and there has been good reasons for this. Work has started again and this is taking more of my time. I have access to the gym again and this has again taken me away from the road and the blog but still helps with the general cardio work. I have also taken to reading as a leisure activity and reading ebooks. I have downloaded a few and will work my way through these over the coming weeks and months.

This may seem as not much of a big deal as thousands of people read ebooks and real books on a daily basis. I am coming to the party very much as a latecomer and if I left it any longer it could be argued I could have missed the boat all together. The fact is I have never felt I had the time to read but after trying it I have decided that I need more of a work like balance and reading is helping me in this regard, for the time being.

So what am I reading. Well I’ve the summer I have read two “normal” books as outlined in an earlier entry, and the cycling theme continues with the latest read. However the book of the moment is a very interesting account of a teacher who cycled from England to Italy over 5 weeks during the summer holidays. Crossing Europe on a bike called Reggie by Andrew Sykes. Since the first adventure Andrew and Reggie have cycled across Europe again (along a different route) and I will no doubt read about this latest adventure in due course. I am yet to finish the book but after 129 pages it is a good read and I long for the time I can read the next chapter. I will be doing exactly that after this entry has been completed.

This has also got me thinking. They say teachers should, inspire people. Andrew has inspired me to take on and complete a long distance cycling challenge. At this stage I don’t know what this could be but I will give it some serious thought over the next few months and like Andrew I might take some inspiration from you people out there.

Andrew can be followed via his blog as well as on Twitter or @cyclingeurope. You can also follow Reggie on Twitter to @ReggieTheBike. At this stage I would like to thank Andrew for sharing his adventures and the fact that if I copy him and complete my own challenge I would also have to set up a Twitter account for my bike. This would have to take part of the planning and could take a serious amount of time.

The question is what will be my challenge? Will it involve Europe. I would like to say that at this stage I can’t see me doing this alone and would feel a lot safer with another cyclist present. If nothing else to talk to and share the experience with.