The local bike shop

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Rule #58 support your local bike shop!

This is a clear rule and one which I am trying to do more and more. For me the local bike shop in question, Newdales in Saffron Walden, has 2 very knowledgeable staff who can answer almost any question, no matter how silly you think it is. Plus they won’t try and sell you anything you don’t need, even if you think you need it!


It is a real joy to go in (to Newdales) even if it is just to purchase some new Zero table or a few gels for the weekends cycling and have a chat with the staff, when they are not to busy. They will always make time for their customers and have an excellent ability to give you the time you need to make your purchase, and the right purchase too if you are stuck, as well as get the wide range of bikes repaired and serviced which come through the door. I haven’t purchased a bike from them but you can as they stock a range of Giant bikes which will suit anyone’s taste and ability.

I mainly use the shop for advice on bike parts and accessories and the small repairs and maintenance I an learning myself. I do however take my stead for a service in the Autumn before winter storage and a few other times in hype year when a service is due. The thing to remember is they get booked up very quickly so you need to plan ahead as much as possible, especially for the planned services and checks. Repairs are another matter obviously.

I knew about Newdales before I got into cycling as they are in the local town, but through Twitter and various cycling related websites and blogs I have managed to find other local independent cycle shops. Just a stones throw from work is another local chain in the south east, and recently opened in the next twin are a few others which colleagues have mentioned and the services they offer. What I thought was a niche market is actually quite vibrant and varied and I am glad to say these businesses seem to be benefiting from the increase in cycling in the UK and it’s growing popularity. I suppose the next job would be to brush up on my skills and open my own business, but that remains a dream at the moment.

Well thankfully I am blessed to live near a local bike shop which prides itself on what they sell you and ensure to the best of their ability what you buy is right for you, and what you get for your money. Excellent customer service goes along way to ensuring repeat business. Well done Newdales you have customer service down to a T, and I know you’ll keep it up.

Thank you.