Sky and the rise to the top

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Team Sky’s best Grand Tour finishers
2010 Giro d’Italia: Dario David Cioni (17th)
2010 Tour de France: Thomas Lokvist (13th)
2010 Vuelta a Espana: Team withdrew death of team soigneur Txema Gonzalez
2011 Giro d’Italia: Thomas Lokvist (21st)
2011 Tour de France: Rigoberto Uran (24th)
2011 Vuelta a Espana: Chris Froome (2nd)
2012 Giro d’Italia: Rigoberto Uran (7th)
2012 Tour de France: Bradley Wiggins (1st)
2012 Vuelta a Espana: Chris Froome (4th)
2013 Giro d’Italia: Rigoberto Uran (2nd)
2013 Tour de France: Chris Froome (1st)

From the list above it is clear that @TeamSky are a real force in the WorldPro Tour and especially in the grand tours. Since last year and Wiggo winning the tour Sky have only struggled to get a top 4 finish in the Giro. Froome could have won the Vuelta last year if he hadn’t spend so much energy helping Wiggo win. However it’s a team sport and Froome was the support role in 2011 and the main man in 2012.

So as the 2012 Vuelta stated this week Sky will be lead by Haino with support from Uran. They have a strong squad and will be up there to challenge Astana, headed by Nibali and Movistar with Valverde. It’s another grand tour which will be eventful I’m sure.

This is an impressive record from Sky considering their short existence in the peloton. They arrived with the goal to win the Tour de France within five years. Goal achieved and then defended. The question is now can they break into the other two grand tours and win those. Surely a challenge fir David Brailsford would be to hold all three grand tours and possibly at the same time. This would ensure sky are the best pro team out there. The great thing about this is that Britain would then rule the world on the road as well as the track. The best was to dominate a sport in all its formats, although I’m sure the competition in the peloton and other nations on the track would beg to differ. Isn’t sport great! Especially cycling!