New kit

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Today my orders arrived. It means on Sunday I won’t need to wear shorts over tights as I get to try out my new leg warmers, plus no more cold feet due to my neoprene shoe covers. All the above is dhb nd I have to say I am a big fan of their stuff. I will, in the near future, get some of their bib shorts too. Well if it’s good enough for Laura Trott then it’s good enough for me at my level.

To add I have my Garmin Edge 200 set up and ready to go. It really is a case if get it out of the box and once charged off you go. And it charged from dead to full in quick time too. More detail about the items next week after they have been tested, which I am looking forward to doing.

I’ll still be uploading my rides to Strava, just from a Garmin devise rather than a mobile phone. I think training will be helped as I’ll be able to constantly check my average moving speed and check if it is above my target. I’ll also be able to use it for my runs too which is useful. That in your eye-line information which will keep me honest and on my toes!

Lets see how it all fits together and hope it improves my performance.

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